About the world brand LandFighter:

LandFighter B.V. from the Netherlands is a young founded venture capital company by obsessive and passionate enthusiasts, focused on improving the usage of off-road and on-road vehicles through integrating next generation innovations and design. 

LandFighter has it’s brand promise of “built for the extreme”, our full commitment goes to achieve the best ride experience even under the extreme circumstances.  


Headquartered in Best, the Netherlands LandFighter is active in more then 7 countries in Europe from our dealer network to our experts we all share the same passionate goal.
To achieve recognition for our vehicles, because not every vehicle deserves the LandFighter premium logo, which stands for a guarantied driving experience in combination with a distinguished appearance. 

LandFighter has started a fantastic partnership with the Taiwanese manufacture Her Chee Industrial Co Ltd, for a stable grow and to ensure power full innovation.
Her Chee Industrial Co Ltd (8937.TWO) is a stock-exchange based enterprise that already has more then 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of ATV and other motor vehicles. Next to that it the first Taiwanese manufacture that received a European type approval for their vehicles. With this great partnership the ATV and Side by Side vehicles can only be better then before. This partnership promises a new generation of ATV and Side by Side lifestyle.


Our belief is strong and we are determined to build the leading brand in off-road and on-road vehicles with long-term growth, values employee welfare, in addition to enhanced product quality and high customer satisfaction.
With the new LandFighter improved innovations and solutions there comes a whole new generations of vehicles with better performance, percision handling and increased efficiencies.

Please feel free to visit our complete model overview at the model page.


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