Heritage Line

“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real”            Jules Verne


Did you always wanted to have a unique LandFighter? That's possible with the Heritage line.
Every colour or combination off colours is possible. Paint is being mixed in a professional mixing plant and very carefully applied in a special paint booth.  Matt, carbon, snake leather or company logo? Everything is possible. With a wrap foil technique our experts are able to turn the vehicle into everything you desire. Even buddy seat and hand protectors can be customized in what ever you want. What do you think about your own name or initials embroidered in the buddy seat.






There are over 120 luxurious colours or –types of leather, nearly everything is possible to customize your LandFighter sport quad, utility atv or side by side vehicle. Ostrich, snake, carbon fiber, etc. Nothing is impossible.
Do you choose elegant, tight or stylish? Are you searching for something that is for everyday use or for work?
The choices in the leathers are not limited to just the appearance. Our Heritage line specialists also works with leather skins which are blood, urine and oil repelling. How about leather that is disinfecting?
It is often the little things that make a normal day exceptional.

The Heritage line is all about perfection and exclusivity. It's often the little things that make a product unique. What do you think of your own name or initials embroidered in the seat?






With a separate stitching we can realize more personal wishes.
The colours are widely varied as your wish to fill out. Rough or just a fine thread. The timeless diamond-pattern or fantasy stitching; all is possible.

Heritage is craftsmanship at its best. This extraordinary finish gives a very high quality touch to your LandFighter vehicle.






Luminous bright orange, Ivory, Orient red, Signal violet, Turquoise........ All these and another 10.000 more colours are available for   an exclusive appearance with style. In the professional mixing department, any colour can be made. Due to the several paint layers   that are applied, the paint is three times more scratch resistant than synthetic material. Besides the special paint shop, there is a   team of experts in the field of foil wrapping technique available. This creates the possibility of making more combinations than ever   before. Prints and patterns in the wrap foil as wood, carbon fiber and leather is available in the Heritage program. It is also possible   to make a foil that is printed with your own image or corporate house style. This makes your LandFighter unique and identifiable.



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