Warranty terms LandFighter

Warranty terms LandFighter BV

This Warranty shall be used by the private company with limited liability LandFighter BV , with registered office in Best and filed on September 24, 2012 at the Registry of the District Court of
' s- Hertogenbosch under number 57/2012 .


I. definitions

Unless the context requires otherwise , the capitalized terms in this printed words have the following meanings . Words and expressions in the singular shall have the same meaning as in the plural and vice versa

Warranty : Warranty provided by LandFighter to the Customer on the Goods as stated in this Warranty

Guarantee certificate : the Client to correctly and fully completed by Seller Warranty certificate issued in writing by the delivery of a Product

Warranty : applicable (in time and drove expressed mileage ) period during which the guarantee is granted

Warranty terms : this Warranty

Customer: any ( natural or legal) person who has a product ( for personal use ) LandFighter or a (re ) Seller has purchased under the applicability of this Warranty.

LandFighter : The private company with limited liability LandFighter BV , registered office and to 5683 CL Best on the Randweg 2 , www.LandFighter.com.

Product : a matter of good LandFighter (including but not limited to quad (vehicles ) and buggys )

Seller: LandFighter , or an authorized LandFighter ( third) party acting in the exercise of a profession or business ( ( sub) dealer ) , a product which has been sold to the Customer under the applicability of this Warranty.


II . warranty

  1. Under the terms and conditions as set out in these Terms LandFighter guarantees to the customer that its products are free from defects in assembly , material or workmanship during the Warranty Period .
  2. The warranty applies to the Customer if it complies with the Warranty stated below.
  3. Only the person in whose name the Warranty card is set to claim the warranty. On disposal of the Product by the Customer Warranty automatically lapse unless LandFighter has to amend the ascription. Written agreement
  4. The Customer shall at all times to turn to the Vendor of the Product for invoking Warranty claims.
  5. Colors of the actual product may vary under the influence of the production of the displayed models / samples . Such deviations are not covered by the warranty.

III. warranty

  1. The Warranty Period commences on the date the Guarantee Certificate is issued and ends after two ( 2 ) years or sooner if the product has been driven 12,000 miles . The warranty will not be honored if the product has been without ( re) sale of the product . More than five ( 5) years from the Seller in the showroom or warehouse
  2. If one or more parts are repaired or replaced within the Warranty This does not change the original Warranty result , so there is no new Warranty walk.

IV. content Warranty

  1. If the Customer is aware of a defect in the assembly, material or construction of the Product, the Customer is obliged to this defect as soon as possible but no later than one month ( 1 ) after the discovery thereof, and within the Warranty Period , in accordance with to notify the Seller . article V.4
  2. Once the Seller has taken the warranty of the Customer , knowledge will replace or repair the Seller or another designated by LandFighter Third , free of charge , within one ( 1 ) month of the defective Product , provided that the claim is covered by the Warranty.

V. Warranty claim

  1. The Customer claiming the warranty should still limit the damage as much as possible and furthermore has the reasonable instructions of the Seller or any third party appointed to follow . By LandFighter in that context
  2. The Product or already replaced parts should designate a third party to be made , which Seller obtains the ownership thereof , for assessment of the defect or the damage . 's First request of the Seller or another by Seller
  3. When a claim on the warranty must first request of the Seller the Seller or any third party appointed also provide any information to be provided which are necessary for the evaluation of the defect or the damage by the Seller.
  4. The only written warranty claim can be made within the Warranty stating the mileage and presentation of the Warranty certificate and maintenance manual of the product .
  5. The warranty only can be claimed if either all prescribed byLandFighter and recommended maintenance and repair for the product using the original or approved by LandFighter ( spare ) parts , all prescribed by a (third) Seller and recommended maintenance and repair , always demonstrable and timely implemented.

VI . Exclusions from Warranty

  1. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article IV applies to claim the warranty exists if:

a. the defect or the damage was caused by normal wear and tear ;

b. the defect or the damage was caused by improper use ( including the non-observance of the user ) , intent or recklessness ( including the use of the product under the influence of alcohol or other drugs ) ;

c. the defect or the damage was caused by the use of incorrect or contaminated lubricants, fluids or fuel and / or the use of non -recommended additions to LandFighter lubricants , fluids or fuel .

d. the defect or the damage occurred as a result of oil shortage or overheating ;

e. the defect or the damage caused by the use of the product while it was clear to add repair , unless the defect or the damage is not related to the need for repair ;

f. the defect or the damage occurred as a result of an accident or other external causes ;

g. the defect or the damage was caused during driving events with the character of a match or associated test drives ;

h. The product is used for paid ( people) transport or business is used by a person changing circuit ;

i. the specified mileage and / or the mileage on the odometer of the product does not correspond to the actual number of kilometers driven with the Product ;

j. in the product stamped registration ( chassis ) number has been altered, removed or made illegible ;

k. the relevant original construction of the product is changed ( for example, by tuning ) or by the assembly of foreign parts or accessories, which invalidate the warranty provided by LandFighter ;

l. a third party - such as an insurer , importer or dealer of the product or any part thereof - must grant or grant ex-gratia allowance on the basis of a legal or contractual duty allowance ;

m. Product total loss is declared .

  1. Wind and rain can cause irreparable damage to the product which is not covered by the warranty . Use damage as streaks / scratches or discoloration due to ( sun) light is not covered by the warranty . Furthermore void any warranty also if the Customer or a third party without the express written permission of LandFighter has overcome trying to ( do ) . Alleged lack self

VII . liability

  1. Liability of LandFighter for the condition of the product and / or damage ( to the product ) as a result of a defect is expressly limited to the obligations under this Warranty .
  2. Notwithstanding the foregoing , any liability of LandFighter ( for persons and / or property damage) for attributable failure , tort or any other cause whatsoever is limited to the amount of the liability insurer of LandFighter in that case pays , plus the amount of the deductibles .
  3. Without prejudice to Article 2 of VI , each form of damage is excluded from liability arising as a result of improper use of the product ( including the non-observance of the user ) , intent or recklessness ( including the use of the product under influence of alcohol or other drugs ) .
  4. LandFighter is not liable for profits, consequential or indirect damages , including but not understood is : loss, delay damages ( other than statutory interest ) , damages for loss of value , loss of enjoyment , loss of profit or loss .
  5. Without prejudice to the other limitations contained in these Terms come to the damage and the cost out of use of the Product , repatriation costs , travel expenses , towing expenses, transport, fuel costs and other consequential damages are not recoverable .
  6. If the liability of LandFighter in any specific case, for any reason, no claim provides for coverage , or the relevant damage is not covered by insurance, the liability of LandFighter limited to the maximum by LandFighter billed under the agreement amount for the Product .

VIII . Applicable law and jurisdiction

Warranty and this Warranty shall be governed by Dutch law .
Any disputes between the parties relating to the implementation of this Warranty will be brought before the competent judge of the court in ' s- Hertogenbosch, unless LandFighter chooses the case to the court of the domicile of the Customer or any other virtue pending the relatively competent court.


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LandFighter B.V.