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Discover the complete LandFighter model quad bike atv overview, including the famous off-road utility quad atv Conquistador 6.6, off-road sport quad atv Demolition 5.5 NERO and the award winning on-road sport quad atv Demolition SuperSport 5.5.



  1. LandFighter Demolition 1.1 & 2.2

    LandFighter Demolition 1.1 & 2.2


    The LandFighter Demolition 1.1 & 2.2 are a fantastic atv's for the young riders, the Demolition 1.1 has 50cc and the 2.2 100cc both engines are a 2 stroke one cylinder. These atv's a special designed for the use by children. Discover the LandFighter Demolition 1.1 & 2.2 >
  2. LandFighter Demolition 3.3

    LandFighter Demolition 3.3


    The LandFighter Demolition 3.3 is the only premium quad / atv in his segment. Now the famous LandFighter quality is available in a compact version. Fast, compact, efficient, and very light weighted. Discover the LandFighter Demolition 3.3 >
  3. LandFighter Demolition Nero 5.5

    LandFighter Demolition Nero 5.5


    Demolition Special Edition Nero 5.5, specially build for off-road use. The perfect sport atv for the amateur sports rider, easy to handle and extremely powerful. GO BLACK OR GO BACK Discover the LandFighter Demolition Nero 5.5 >
  4. LandFighter Demolition 5.5

    LandFighter Demolition 5.5


    We build the LandFighter Demolition to get an all-rounder for the off-road and on-road usage. An vehicle that give a whole new sensation to the performance and driving experience. The Demolition models use the newest innovations for precision handling and are driven by a Subaru high-end power sport engine, acceleration that gives a true thrill… Discover the LandFighter Demolition 5.5 >
  5. LandFighter Demolition SuperSport 5.5

    LandFighter Demolition SuperSport 5.5


    Our engineers believed that they could challenge the status quo of the Demolition, our engineers challenged the status quo by looking at any aspect of the demolition for performance optimization.They developed the demolition SuperSport for the spirited driver to brake lap records. It has an much shorter axle, chain and gear, high performance tyres with super lighted weighted rims and an 35 kw Subaru engine. Every component is equally important for the achievements of the Demolition SuperSport. We think that our engineers have build an memorable vehicle that literally translate our brand promise ''Build for the extreme''. Discover the LandFighter Demolition SuperSport 5.5 >
  6. LandFighter Conquistador 6.6

    LandFighter Conquistador 6.6


    Our commitment was to make an complete new quad atv vehicle "the Conquistador 6.6", not to re-develop but starting with the draw sketches and leaving the past behind. We wanted that this new utility quad atv vehicle should perform incredibly well in off-road circumstances and be a leader in the terrain as well in the quad atv & ssv side by side industry. We used the next generation innovations that improve the precise handling, comfort and acceleration while still keeping the essential features this utility quad atv vehicle needs. The LandFighter DNA that floods through the Conquistador 6.6 utility quad atv can survive extreme off-road conditions, in our opinion the best in his class. Discover the LandFighter Conquistador 6.6 >
  7. Conquistador Hunting Edition 6.6

    Conquistador Hunting Edition 6.6


    We wanted an ultimate version for the one who enjoy the adventure in life. So we asked our customers what they wanted, what was important for them to have on the ultimate vehicle. Now we realized their demands with the LandFighter Conquistador Hunting Edition an vehicle that has all the basic needs and more for an durable ride in any terrain. Discover the Conquistador Hunting Edition 6.6 >
  8. LandFighter Vanquisher 3.3

    LandFighter Vanquisher 3.3


    The Vanquisher 3.3 is an incredible sportive Side by Side specially designed for street use. Powered by a special one cylinder, SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) 4 stroke liquid-cooled engine. Fantastic Side by Side for the enthusiastic driver. 

    Discover the LandFighter Vanquisher 3.3 >

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