LandFighter Conquistador 6.6

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LandFighter Conquistador 6.6 Quad ATV

The "Conquistador 6.6"  quad atv is a completely new developed vehicle which has the goal to be the best in the top segment. Not re-develop, but starting from the drawing board and leaving the past behind, was the way to realise that goal. We wanted that this new quad atv vehicle should perform incredibly well in off-road circumstances, behaves itself as a leader in the field and in the industry.
We used the next generation quad atv innovations that improve the precise handling, comfort and acceleration while maintaining the essential features.

The LandFighter quad atv DNA that goes through the veins of the Conquistador quad atv can handle off-road situations in a excellent way.
The SYM petrol engine of the new LandFighter Conquisador 6.6 quad atv was specially developed with the goal of to realise a more powerful capacity. All Conquistadors have an advanced wheel system with 2x4, 4x4 and differential lock position, which is easily adjustable by using the push and turn knob on the steering wheel.
In our opinion, our designers and engineers created an entirely new masterpiece quad atv that is unmatched in its class.

LandFighter Conquistador 6.6 shock absorbers

Shock absorbers :

The Conquistador 6.6 quad atv has fully adjustable shock absorbers. With an extra increased length (front 24cm, rear 27cm) for more travel and ground clearance. These shocks have high spring rates for improved driving stability and handling on rough terrain.




LandFighter Conquistador 6.6 motor engine SYM


The Conquistador 6.6 is driven by a very powerful single cylinder liquid cooled four-stroke 585cc C6.6 SYM engine with 31KW en 42.2HP. In addition there is a CVT (continuously variable transmission) type gearbox with high, low, reverse, neutral and park gear.




LandFighter Conquistador 6.6 wheel 4x4 system

Wheel system :

The Conquistador 6.6. uses an advanced wheel system with two-wheel drive, Four-wheel drive and differential lock position. When needed in extremely rough terrain, the differential lock position of the system ensures that the wheels rotate at exactly the same time with the same output.




LandFighter Conquistador 6.6 digital screen

Digital Screen :

The Conquistador 6.6 makes uses of an advanced clear digital LCD screen which displays: speed, fuel, revolutions per minute, distance from last two rides, wheel system, service interval, engine temperature, gear position, battery and time.




LandFighter Conquistador 6.6 LED lights

Intelligent-lighting system :

Intelligent-lighting system switches on automatically when starting the engine. Through the key switch you can choose the day or night position. In the day position only the LED daylights burns, with the night position the bright H3 12V 55W and H7 12V 55W headlights burns and you can switch between city and high beam light..




LandFighter Conquistador 6.6 exhaust

Exhaust :

The exhaust of the Conquistador 6.6 is made of high quality stainless steel. The stainless steel exhaust has great design contours and delivers a powerful strong sound.





Highest quality components :

Why settle with less? LandFighter finds only the highest quality components good enough for the Conquistador 6.6. Philips lighting provides a good view of the road in the darkest hours. The NKL sparks plugs give the utility quad atv Conquistador a great smooth engine start every ride. NKL diffrentials are recognized 4x4 superiority. Tested on the Conquistador 6.6 in difficult conditions with surfaces covered in snow, mud and a frozen lake while passing challenges. 



LandFighter accessoriesLandFighter brochure

Displacement: 565 cc
KW: 31
HP: 42.2
Type: 4 stroke, one cylinder SOHC, with 4V electroplated ceramic cylinder
Cooling type: Liquid-cooled
Starting: Electric & Recoil Starter
Fuel: Unleaded (octane 90 or higher)
Fuel tank: 18 Liter
Transmission: Automatic CVT, cardan shaft drive
Gears: Low/High/Neutral/Reverse/Parking
Front suspension: Dual A-arm with adjustable suspension
Rear suspension: Independent adjustable rear suspension
Battery: 12 volts, 10 Ah Maintenance free
Front brake: L/R disc brake ø 220 mm
Rear brake: Disc brake ø 190 mm
Length: 2150 mm
Width: 1280 mm
Height: 1250 mm
Seat height: 860 mm
Wheel base: 1320 mm
Net weight: 332 kg