LandFighter Vanquisher 3.3

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The LandFighter Vanquisher is a real eye catcher. As of now, the real LandFighter quality is available as a side by side vehicle. Fast, compact, sporty, convenient, effecient and lightweight. (361kg)

The sporty look of this LandFighter side by side reflects a strong and sporty character with impressive on-road ability, while it's certainly pleasing to the eye.
A vehicle for the sports person who dares to face the weather but on the same time wants to arrive in style.

Thanks to its great comfortable sport seats, - standard equipped with black BMW Nappa leather -, every journey is a treat.
These sporty seats are fully adjustable in both distance to the steering wheel and angel of the back rest.
Thanks to the 3-point belt system there is no helmet required for de LandFighter Vanquisher.

The LandFighter Vanquisher 3.3 is equipped with an electric starter and automatic CVT transmission and uses a one-cylinder, single overhead camshaft (SOHC) , 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine. It has a differential-lock system so that the driver can select RWD or 4WD depending on teh road conditions. The LandFighter Vanquisher has a top speed of around 120 km/h.

The Vanquisher is specially developped for street use and has a remarkable handling in comparrison to other side by side vehicles.
The powerfull engine is not just raw power, it has been innovatively tweaked to meet low emissions standards.

Like all LandFighter vehicles the Vanquisher is completly customizable through the LandFighter Herritage Program. The Herritage porgram offers a wide range of body colors, leather types and leather colors. For example this Vanquisher with Lamborghini orange leather with a flamboyant cross stitching finish and as shown above and with other customisations
It is even possible to apply your company logo or other promotional stickers



LandFighter_Vanquisher_3.3_utility_2x4_4x4_quad_atv_utv_side_by_side_ arenero_ vehículo_bicho_ssv_Runabout_Motor-Buggy_quads_00
Lights :

The LandFighter Vanquisher is equipped with individual light elements. This ensures a good visibility by other traffic and an higher light output.  By using this loose design elements the Vanquisher gets a cool futuristic look that fully suits the overall design of the vehicle. The Vanquisher anno 2014                 




LandFighter_Vanquisher_3.3_utility_2x4_4x4_quad_atv_utv_side_by_side_ arenero_ vehículo_bicho_ssv_Runabout_Motor-Buggy_quads_01
Cockpit :

The cockpit from the Vanquisher has a simple but tough look and is extra equipped with two cupholders and lockable glovebox. In the cockpit you find also the beautiful sports steering wheel in an ergonomic design. The steering column is painted with the metallic body color. All this together makes a contemporary design look.




LandFighter_Vanquisher_3.3_utility_2x4_4x4_quad_atv_utv_side_by_side_ arenero_ vehículo_bicho_ssv_Runabout_Motor-Buggy_quads_02
Seats :

The Vanquisher is standard equipped with comfortable sport seats of which the backrest and the distance from the steering wheel can be adjusted. These settings offers the Vanquisher rider a comfortable chair and therefore obviously a comfortable ride. The seats are available in allmost all combinations by the LandFighter Herritage programm.




LandFighter_Vanquisher_3.3_utility_2x4_4x4_quad_atv_utv_side_by_side_ arenero_ vehículo_bicho_ssv_Runabout_Motor-Buggy_quads_03
Automatic CVT :

The LandFighter Vanquisher is equipped with an automatic transmission and a limited slip differential on  the  rear axle. It also has an 12 volt output. The Buggy is easy  to drive and offers it a very fun and sporty  driving experience.                          




LandFighter_Vanquisher_3.3_utility_2x4_4x4_quad_atv_utv_side_by_side_ arenero_ vehículo_bicho_ssv_Runabout_Motor-Buggy_quads_05
Extra storage space :

The Vanquisher can be equipped with a spare tire or with a luggage compartment at the rear of the buggy.   Thus, the buggy can be carried out as desired




LandFighter_Vanquisher_3.3_utility_2x4_4x4_quad_atv_utv_side_by_side_ arenero_ vehículo_bicho_ssv_Runabout_Motor-Buggy_quads_06


The LandFighter Vanquisher comes with:

      • on-road tires
      • Black sporty Nappa leather seats
      • 3-point seatbelt
      • differential lock-system
      • spare tyre
      • glovebox
      • steering lock
      • sporty steering wheel
      • cupholder
      • 12-Volt outlet
      • LED-lighting system

Other options for the LandFighter Vanquisher are:

      • plexiglas windshield
      • Roof
      • Sporty 4-point seatbelt system
      • safety net
      • luggage compartiment
      • solid bullbar front and back


LandFighter accessoriesLandFighter brochure

Displacement: 272 cc
KW: 15
HP: 20
Type: Four stroke, one cylider SOHC 4 valves
Cooling type: Liquid-cooled
Starting: Electirc
Fuel: Unleaded (ocatane 90 or higher)
Fuel tank: 22 Liter
Transmission: Automatic CVT
Gears: L/H/N/R
Front suspension: Single A-arm with preload shockes
Rear suspension: Dual A-arm with 5 way preload-adjustable shocks
Battery: 12 Volts, 10 Ah maintenance free
Front brake: L/R disc brake
Rear brake: Disc brake
Length: 2690 mm
Width: 1456 mm
Height: 1565 mm
Seat height: 600 mm
Wheel base: 1920 mm
Net weight: 361 KG