Frequently asked questions and answers

How to check the temperature ?
You can see the temperature on the digital screen.

 How to start manual ?
1. Grasp the starter grip firmly. Pull the starter grip slowly out, approximately 10cm.
2. Pull the grip up briskly and fully.
3. After the engine starts, allow the starter grip to return slowly back to original position.

How do I reset the trip meter of the Conquistador 6.6 ?
1. Press the left or right button.
2. Hold the left button for 2 seconds.
3. The trip meter has now been reset.

What kind of fuel does my LandFighter need ?
All LandFighter models drive on Unleaded (octane 90 or higher).

When should I do first service or periodical check ?
The Conquistador 6.6 (6.6 Hunting Edition) should have the first service at 300km.
The Demolition 5.5 (5.5 SuperSport and 5.5 Nero) should have the first service at 200km.
The Demolition 3.3 should have the first service at 200km.

How can I adjust the suspension ?
You can adjust the suspension by using a special tool.

How do I use the Steering lock ?
1. Turn the steering fully to the left.
2. Put the key in the main switch.
3. Turn the key counterclockwise (left) in order to lock the steering handle.
4. Remove the key from the main switch.
5. For unlocking turn the key clockwise (right).

How to inspect the coolant ?
1. Place the vehicle on a flat ground.
2. Look at the reserved tank to see if coolant lever is between the upper limit and the lower limit mark.
3. Add coolant till it will reach the upper limit market if coolant is at the lower marker

Where can I find the VIN ?
The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)is attached to the lower front right side of the frame, right behind the radiator.

Which engine oil should I use of my LandFighter ?
Conquistador 6.6                                                                Motul 15W50
Demolition 5.5 (5.5 SuperSport and 5.5 Nero)             Motul 10W40
Demolition 3.3                                                                     Motul 10W40
Vanquisher 3.3                                                                    Motul 10W40